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CAAS Big Screen Requests

If you would like to have a slide appear on the CAAS big screens, please follow the guidelines and submit a request using the form below.


  • Agricultural Sciences Building - Luke Cafe
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 2nd Floor
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 3rd Floor
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 4th Floor
  • Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education Building
  • Family Life Building - 3rd Floor Lobby 
  • Fine Arts-Visual Building - Ramp to 2nd Floor 
  • Hillyard Animal, Teaching and Research Center - Lobby
  • Industrial Science Building - North Lobby
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences Building - Aggie Ice Cream 
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences Building - Lobby 
  • Technology Building - Hallway to Maintenance Labs
  • Veterinary Sciences Building - North Lobby

Templates & Design Tips

Design Tips

  • Use large text which is visible from a distance.
  • Do not overdo the text; less is more.
  • Boil it down to the basics of:
    • Who
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • URL (For more information. No short codes; do something memorable)
    • Why (The "Why" is rarely short enough to make a compelling slide.  If they want to know more, they'll search for more).
  • If there is a lot of information to convey, a series of slides using the same background can best communicate your message. 

Are they a captive or moving audience?

  • Make sure there is high contrast between the message and the background.
  • Avoid busy backgrounds.
  • Use standard color.
  • Avoid red.
  • Do not include text or primary visual elements within 50 pixels of the border.


Submissions which fail to meet these requirements will be automatically rejected

  • Dimensions must be 1920px x 1080px, with a resolution of 96, landscape orientation. *Content that is not this size will not be posted.*
  • .JPG or .PNG files are accepted. Word or PDF documents are not accepted.
  • Must be related to Utah State University and/or the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.
  • Videos will not be played with audio.
  • Private endeavors, fund-raising, or other causes not affiliated with the university will not be approved.
  • The image must be visually appealing.  For help with design tips, expand the box below.
  • Unclear, fuzzy or skewed images will not be posted.
  • All submissions are reviewed and either approved or disapproved by CAAS Big Screen Committee. 

Submit a Big Screen Request