By Chase Anderson | March 21, 2023
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

A Conversation with the Casual Archivist, Elizabeth Goodspeed

By Chase Anderson | March 28, 2023

Elizabeth Goodspeed

In this episode of the History of Gear, Elizabeth Goodspeed, a designer and the Casual Archivist, talks about the importance of design archives and how she incorporates them into her design process.

Goodspeed shares her journey into the world of archives and design and talks about her experience engaging with archives. She’s even created a database of design archives around the world that is publicly accessible.

Throughout the episode, Goodspeed emphasizes the importance of archives in informing design decisions and inspiring creative work. She describes how she incorporates archival research into her design process and makes a case for other designers to keep their own “pantry” of design ingredients to use when needed.

Throughout the episode, Goodspeed's passion for archives and design is infectious, as she shares stories of her experiences working with historical materials and the creative inspiration they provide.