By Chase Anderson | February 22, 2023
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

Jacob Hawley Accepts Position at Petzl

By Chase Anderson | February 22, 2023

Jacob Hawley

Jacob Hawley, a recent graduate of Utah State University's Outdoor Product Design & Development program, has secured an exciting position at Petzl as an IT Specialist. Petzl is a leading manufacturer of innovative climbing and outdoor equipment, including ropes, harnesses, and helmets.

In his new role, Jacob will be responsible for managing and improving Petzl's information technology systems.

According to Jacob, "My new position at Petzl allows me to share my expertise with many that share my interests. This position is the best of both worlds for me, interesting and engaging work at an amazing company. I couldn't think of a position that better fits both my passions and my expertise."

Petzl is a French company that has been at the forefront of the outdoor industry for decades. The company was founded by Fernand Petzl, a caver and speleologist, who developed a range of innovative equipment to support his explorations. Today, Petzl is a global brand with operations in over 50 countries, and their US headquarters are located in West Valley City, Utah.

At Petzl's Utah office the company is home to marketing, sales, and support staff. The facility also serves as a training center, offering courses in rope access and rescue techniques. 

Jacob's new role at Petzl is sure to be both challenging and rewarding. As an IT Specialist, he will play a crucial role in supporting the company's operations and ensuring they continue to innovate and lead in the outdoor industry.


Chase Anderson