By Chase Anderson | January 26, 2022
Outdoor Product Design and Development

Nash Calvin Accepts Position at Hyperlite Mountain Gear

By Chase Anderson | January 26, 2023

Nash Calvin

Nash Calvin, an Outdoor Product Design & Development graduate from the class of 2022, has accepted a role at Hyperlite Mountain Gear as a Technical Pattern Designer. Calvin, a design student who recently completed the Appalachian Trail, is excited about the opportunity to work on ultra light packs for thru-hikers.

"After hiking the Appalachian Trail, I couldn't imagine a better company to work for then Hyperlite Mountain Gear," Calvin said. "I am truly excited to learn and grow with a passionate team that believes in extreme product durability and simplicity in the backcountry."

Hyperlite Mountain Gear, a Maine-based company, specializes in ultralight backpacking gear. The company's mission is to provide hikers with the most durable and functional equipment for the backcountry.

As a Technical Pattern Designer, Calvin will be responsible for designing and creating patterns for the company's product line. His experience learning how to design and develop products, including sewing and patterning soft goods, makes him uniquely qualified for this role.

Calvin's experience hiking the Appalachian Trail, one of the most challenging long-distance trails in the United States, gives him a unique perspective on the needs of thru-hikers. He is eager to bring his knowledge and passion for outdoor gear to the Hyperlite Mountain Gear team to help create the best gear for thru-hikers.


Chase Anderson