By Chase Anderson | February 21, 2023
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

Peter Yee, Former VP of Industrial Design at Oakley, Speaks to First Year Students

By Chase Anderson | February 21, 2023

Peter Yee

Peter Yee, former Vice President of Industrial Design at Oakley, spoke to first-year students in the Outdoor Product Design & Development program at Utah State University about his journey to becoming a product designer, where he finds inspiration, and why he loves being a designer.

As the VP of Industrial Design at Oakley, Yee was instrumental in creating some of the company's most iconic products, including the Overthetop glasses that were made famous by four time Olympic medal winner, Ato Boldon at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Yee also created the iconic "O" logo for Oakley, which has become synonymous with the brand.

For Yee, the power of design lies in the ability to create something that didn't exist before. He sees design as a way to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, taking an abstract concept and turning it into a physical object that can be used, touched, and experienced. This process of creation, for Yee, is both exciting and rewarding.

For those interested in hearing more from Peter Yee, the full lecture can be viewed on YouTube or on the Highlander Podcast. His story is sure to inspire anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in design or who is passionate about creating products that truly connect with customers.


Chase Anderson