Amer Sports Hosts OPDD Students in Ogden Offices

Chase Anderson

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ENVE carbon fiber rms hang ready for distribution
ENV carbon fiber rims hang ready for distribution

OPDD students had the opportunity to tour the North American Offices of Finnish sporting goods company, Amer Sports. Students learned about the various brands Amer owns and operates including Arc’teryx, Suunto, Atomic Skis, Salomon, and ENVE Composites. While most of Amer Sports’ product design work is done in Europe, opportunities in product line management and merchandising exist in the North American operations that could be a great fit for any student studying in OPDD who  wants to be a part of the process of bringing products to market. Each brand gave a glimpse into the roles available, their products lines, including the major differences between various international markets the company sells to.

At the site of the ENVE Composites offices, students were able to tour the design facilities where carbon fiber bike tire rims are designed as well as manufactured in Ogden, Utah. Students learned the process of designing bike rim molds, the challenges and benefits of designing products to be fabricated from carbon fiber, as well as the benefits of designing and manufacturing product so closely together.

Industry tours give students  incredible opportunities to peek “behind the curtain” and see how their favorite products are designed and produced as well as see what the life of a designer or developer is on a daily basis.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.