By Ethan Brightbill | January 22, 2024
Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences Research

From the Lab to Capitol Hill: Student Researcher Contributes to Dairy Industry Sustainability

By Ethan Brightbill | January 22, 2024

Research on Capitol Hill 2024

Being able to consistently create a specific food with the characteristics that consumers want and expect is vital in the food industry. Understanding the chemistry, physics, and biology that are all part of a particular food is key to avoiding more food waste.  

Senior pre-med student and nutrition science major Sakshi Singh presented research she has done on cheddar cheese chemistry with mentors Assistant Professor Prateek Sharma, and doctoral student Rachel Lindstrom, both from USU’s Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences at this year’s Research on Capitol Hill event.

Singh and her fellow researchers are working to determine if colloidal calcium phosphate affects the pH levels of cheddar cheese. Because pH variance can change the flavor, texture, and body of the cheese, this research could help the dairy industry to reduce waste and save money. Singh was passionate about the potential of the project and the opportunity to share it with the public.

“I joined the research lab with Dr. Sharma in April of last year because I realized that as a nutrition science major, I had little hands-on nutrition science experience,” said Singh. “I was given several amazing learning opportunities working with grad students, who taught me various scientific tools and methods I wouldn't have even been aware of otherwise. It helped cement in my brain the importance of food and nutrition science, and I'm excited to share some of this at Research on Capitol Hill.”


Ethan Brightbill