OPDD Students Host Workshop During Salt Lake Design Week

Chase Anderson

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Weston Hills builds a low fidelity backpack concept
Weston Hills builds a low fidelity backpack concept

As a part of Salt Lake Design Week, students from Outdoor Product Design and Development (OPDD) partnered with local design firm, Espiritu Design, and the Industrial Design Association of Utah (IDAU) to host a workshop focused on rapid prototyping.

Andrew Deceuster, faculty member in OPDD, kicked off the event by sharing the benefits of rapid prototyping as a part of the product development process. OPDD students then led a workshop with participants from the design community, including product, graphic, and industrial designers.


Participants were split into four groups where they were tasked with creating backpack concepts for kids. Over the course of a couple of hours, participants went from researching the consumer and user and sketching bag concepts, to assembling low-fidelity prototypes made out of cardboard, tape, and string.  The workshop concluded with each team presenting their concepts to the group.

Through this workshop, OPDD students had the opportunity to apply the rapid prototyping skills they’ve developed in class while taking a leadership role in organizing a team and developing product concepts.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.

Andrew Deceuster OPDD faculty member