By Peiru Chen | February 16, 2024

Utah State University Collaborates with Taiwan's National Chung Hsing University to Uncover Increasing Threat of Forest Fires in Taiwan

By Peiru Chen | February 16, 2024

forest fire threat

In a fruitful collaboration, Utah State University and Taiwan National Chung Hsing University have conducted a comprehensive analysis on the future risk of forest fires under various climate scenarios.  The study reveals a quantifiable increasing trend in the risk of forest fires in Taiwan, marking a stark contrast to previous understandings. 

Research spanning 2021 to 2100 predicts a sharp rise in Taiwan's forest fire severity during dry seasons, with changes in precipitation and temperatures suggesting earlier fire seasons. This trend, more acute in northern and central Taiwan, underscores the impact of global greenhouse gas emissions on fire frequency and vegetation, highlighting the critical need for adaptive forest management strategies to mitigate these effects.

The study, which has garnered international attention and was published in the prestigious journal "Climatic Change," represents a major advancement in our understanding of forest fire dynamics. Spearheaded by Professor Shih-Yu Wang of Utah State University and Professor Wan-Yu Liu of National Chung Hsing University and doctoral student Hong-Wen Yu, the team employed a sophisticated forest fire weather index system based on meticulous weather observations and leveraged simulations from multiple climate models to conduct their analysis.

This collaboration between Utah State University and National Chung Hsing University not only underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing global environmental challenges but also positions Utah State University at the forefront of climate change and environmental risk research.


Peiru Chen
Language Learning Coordinator - Mandarin