By Peiru Chen | February 17, 2024

Forests in Silence: The Impact of Drought on Carbon Capture's Future

By Peiru Chen | February 17, 2024

drought forest

Simon Wang from Utah State University and Yi-Ying Chen from Academia Sinica  highlight the severe impacts of Taiwan's drought on both the semiconductor industry and the environment, underscoring the need for immediate climate action and revised forest management strategies. Their study "When Forests Hold Their Breath", a collaboration between Academia Sinica, National Chung Hsing University, and Utah State University, investigates the severe effects of the 2020–2021 drought on Taiwan's subtropical forests. The study examines the impact of Taiwan's worst drought in over half a century on its forests’ Carbon intake ability, exacerbated by water shortages that led to tree stress and wildfire.

This research aims to spark a global conversation on the interplay between climate change, ecosystem health, and technology. It highlights the critical need for revised forest management and climate action due to the drought's impact on carbon sequestration. It emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in addressing climate change and its implications on ecosystem health and technology. 

This climatic event has led to significant environmental challenges, including reduced rainfall, increased wildfires, and diminished carbon sequestration capabilities in subtropical forests, stressing the urgent need for climate action and revised forest management strategies to address the growing severity of droughts and their effects on global climate efforts.


Peiru Chen
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