Product Testing for Product Designers

Chase Anderson

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Aaron Campbell, Senior Field Engineering at Instron

Every product bought and sold has been tested or met safety standards in one way or another. Aaron Campbell, a Field Engineer with product testing equipment producer, Instron, spoke to Utah State University Outdoor Product Design and Development students about product testing as a vital piece of the product development process.

Campbell’s presentation covered the importance of understanding the various governing bodies that create testing standards as well as the methodology behind testing practices. He also mentioned the need for designers, developers, and manufacturers to focus on testing throughout the development process in order to create better products.

Campbell emphasized the importance of collaborating with teams, especially design and testing, avoiding a common practice of “throwing ideas over the fence” to the next team expecting them to solve any problems that may arise.

Designers with an understanding of limits, constraints, and a focus on product performance through testing are better able to create product based in reality and are more likely to be brought to market.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.

Campbell's full presentation can be viewed below in addition to an interview from Aggie Radio's Highlander Podcast.