Jaybird Founder Speaks on Creativity, Fulfillment, and Making Product that Matters

Chase Anderson

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Judd Armstrong

In the OPDD industry seminar class, students in the Outdoor Product Design & Development program at Utah State University often hear presentations and meet with designers from the sports and outdoor industries. Students recently met with and heard a presentation from Judd Armstrong, the founder of Jaybird and pioneer in wireless headphone technology, which recently sold for upwards to $100 million.

Armstrong shared his experience of identifying a pain point in his running routine in 2006 which is wired headphones routinely getting in the way of his activity. Rather than complain that good wireless headphones didn’t exist at the time or wish that the large technology companies at the time would solve the problem, Armstrong set off to create his own wireless headphones that would become Jaybird.

Through the company’s journey as scrappy startup to one of the top three selling headphone companies at one point, Armstrong learned life lessons including finding work that is fulfilling, looking at the world through a creative lens, and making products that truly matter and make life better for consumers. 

Armstrong’s full presentation can be watched below as well as a conversation on the Highlander Podcast.

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