By Peiru Chen | May 20, 2023

The Luncheon of the USU Taiwanese Alumni Association

By Peiru Chen | May 23, 2023

Taiwan luncheon

On May 20th, a touch of nostalgia blended with anticipation resonated in Taichung as Utah State University (USU) faculty reconnected with Aggie alumni spanning five decades, based across Taiwan. This remarkable gathering not only celebrated the rich history of USU's Taiwanese alumni, from the 1970s to present, but also marked the inaugural event for the Taiwanese alumni association of USU.

From bustling urban hubs to serene countryside landscapes, alumni traveled from various cities, united by their shared experiences as Aggies. As they mingled and recounted their journeys, it was evident that while their paths might have diverged, the spirit of USU persisted in each of their narratives. Among the attendees were trailblazers and pioneers, like Mr. Sheng-Tian Chen, a proud alumnus from 1971-1972, who has since become the CEO of Sampo Cooperation. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, the association honored him with its very first Distinguished Alumnus Award. Though professional commitments took him abroad, his wife, Mrs. Chen, graciously accepted the honor on his behalf. Further testament to his dedication, Mr. Chen generously donated US$3,500, bolstering the foundation of this burgeoning association.

It was especially heartening for the current batch of USU students present to witness the legacy they are set to continue, both in their academic pursuits and future endeavors. Witnessing the global impact of their predecessors, from the bustling streets of Taipei to the corporate boardrooms, reinforced the value of their education and the vast potential ahead.

As the luncheon concluded and attendees began to part ways, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie, a mix of retrospection, and anticipation for the future. It served as a poignant reminder that while oceans and years may separate Aggies, their shared experiences and pride in their alma mater remain a powerful unifying force. The launch of the Taiwanese.


Peiru Chen
Language Learning Coordinator - Mandarin

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