By Chase Anderson | January 18, 2023
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

Macady Smith Accepts Position at Ibex

By Chase Anderson | January 18, 2023

macady smith

Macady Smith, an Outdoor Product Design & Development student at Utah State University, has accepted a job as a Product Development Assistant at Ibex, a company that designs and produces high performance merino wool activewear. Smith is a member of the class of 2024.

"I've absolutely loved working at Ibex and being a part of their team," said Smith. "My skills have already grown in so many ways and I'm especially grateful to be working with a company that aligns with my own personal values by pushing the message, 'buy less, buy better'."

Ibex, founded in 1997, is known for its commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. The company uses merino wool, a natural and renewable fiber, in all of its activewear.

As she continues her studies at Utah State University, Smith will also be gaining valuable hands-on experience in the outdoor industry through her work at Ibex. With her passion for outdoor product design and development, and her commitment to sustainability, Smith is poised to make a significant impact in her new role.


Chase Anderson