By Chase Anderson | November 1, 2021
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

MyMedic Design Sprint

By Chase Anderson | November 1, 2021


MyMedic, a Utah-based medical company sponsored a Design Sprint with OPDD students to explore the future of first aid and recovery.

Evan Howard, Senior Vice President of Design & Development at MyMedic challenged participating students over the course of the day to create innovative solutions to assist athelete recovery. OPDD students split into groups and spent the day conducting product and user research, developing initial concepts, and presented final prototypes at the end of the day.

Molly Gurr, and OPDD student on exchange from the United Kingdom, participated in the sprint and appreciated the opportunity to work with peers as well as industry professionals on a real-world project.

Watch the whole conversation with Evan Howard and Molly Gurr on YouTube or listen on the Highlander Podcast.


Chase Anderson