By Chase Anderson | March 28, 2022
Outdoor Product Design and Development

Students Participate in Nalgene Design Sprint

By Chase Anderson | March 28, 2022

nalgene water bottle

Representatives from Nalgene partnered with students from Outdoor Product Design & Development in a "Project Runway" style design challenge where students were tasked with tackling real design briefs from the brand and presenting potential concepts and solutions to the brand in a short amount of time.

The beloved bottle maker has been producing product for over seventy years, yet looks to aspiring product designers from OPDD for solutions to real world problems.

Eighteen students spent over six hours during this extra-curricular design challenge researching potential solutions to Nalgene's brief, while connecting with their peers, and networking with industry professionals from a leading outdoor brand.

brynn bennion sketch
nalgene sketch
nalgene computer


Chase Anderson