By Chase Anderson | January 24, 2022
Outdoor Product Design and Development 

USU Students and NASA Bring Space Tech to the Outdoors

By Chase Anderson | January 24, 2022

nasa space tech

Students in OPDD's Design Thinking course worked with NASA Commercialization to identify opportunities to use NASA technology and materials to solve problems in the outdoor industry.

Dr. Julie Lamarra, a faculty member in OPDD, worked with Kris Romig, Commercialization Lead at NASA, to identify innovative materials that mighth have potential applications in outdoor products. Students were split up into teams, researched each material, and then worked over the semester to create products and solutions using NASA technology.

At the end of the semester, students presented their concepts which ranged from solving problems related to wildfire safety to avalanche protection.

Watch the whole presentation on YouTube or listen on the Highlander Podcast.


Chase Anderson