Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Cullum

Chase Anderson

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Natalie Cullum fly fishing
Natalie Cullum enjoying time fly fishing

The future is bright for students in the first graduating class of the Outdoor Product Design & Development program, especially for recent graduate and newest employee of Vermont-based Orvis, Natalie Cullum.

Working in the fly fishing industry was always Cullum’s goal after graduation. As she entered her junior and senior years, her projects began to focus more and more on this industry. It was actually a special pair of waders that she designed and fully prototyped on her own that opened the door to her new career.

“For my senior studio final project I wanted to design a women’s fishing line. I ended up prototyping a pair of waders, and of course, I had to test them,” Cullum said.

The waders performed well during a test on a wintery day in the Logan River, and through sharing her work on Instagram, she was able to open a door to her dream position.

Cullum described what happened once she put her work online.

“The OPDD Instagram reposted my pictures, which was seen by one of the senior designers for Orvis,” she said. “He commented and direct messaged me, asking for me to send him my portfolio and resume.” 

From there, Cullum was flown to Vermont to interview and meet with the team, which was followed up by an offer to join the team full-time and begin working with them in June.

Through her dedication in class, passion for sport and the outdoors, and her courage to share what she has created with world, Cullum will be able to live out her dream of designing the next generation of great products.

To view Natalie's work, check out her portfolio.