By Peiru Chen | January 27, 2024

USU and NCHU Unveil Groundbreaking 3+x Master's Program in Agribusiness

By Peiru Chen | January 27, 2024

NCHU masters agribuiness collage

In an exhilarating development for academic collaboration, Utah State University (USU) and National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) have once again joined forces. Following the success of their dual doctoral degree program in 2022, the sister institutions are thrilled to announce their latest venture - the "3+x Master's Program" in agribusiness. This program marks a new era in the partnership between USU's Department of Applied Economics and NCHU's International Bachelor Program in Agribusiness, Department of Applied Economics.

At the heart of this program lies a commitment to collaboration, reciprocity, and mutual benefit. It's a testament to USU and NCHU's dedication to nurturing a global community of thinkers and leaders. The program is meticulously crafted to ensure the exchange of ideas, fostering a deeper understanding of global agribusiness challenges and opportunities. This initiative is not just about studying; it's about immersing oneself in a culturally rich and intellectually stimulating environment. Flexibility is a cornerstone of this program. Both USU and NCHU recognize the dynamic nature of international academic partnerships. They are committed to maintaining open lines of communication, ensuring the program's continual evolution to meet the changing needs of students and faculties alike.

The "3+x Master's Program" is set to span five years from the date of signing, with provisions for adjustments and improvements based on the evolving educational landscape. This approach allows for the program to be not just a static agreement but a living, evolving collaboration that adapts to the educational needs of the times. It's a promise of enriching educational experiences, a platform for cultural exchange, and a gateway to professional growth for students at USU and NCHU. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we witness the unfolding of this exciting initiative!


Peiru Chen
Language Learning Coordinator | iPACE Assistant
USU Extension


Simon Wang
Department of Plants, Soils and Climate