By Andreas “Baron” Wesemann | September 29, 2023
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Flying Aggies Invited to Attend NIFA Safety Competition

By Andreas “Baron” Wesemann  | September 29, 2023

NIFA competition

The Flying Aggies of Utah State University have been invited to attend the Region 1 SAFECON Safety Competition for the National Intercollegiate Flying Association hosted by the United States Air Force Academy on Oct 6-13th 2023. 

Sixteen students have been selected to travel and compete in nine competition events, four in the air and five on the ground. These students have been preparing over the summer and spending much of their time and finances preparing for this event. Their hard work reflects their dedication to their sport and the love they have for flying.

The Flying Aggies became part of the USU Aviation Program in the 1970s. They took a break for a few years, with some years in the 1990s and 2000s where they did not compete. In 2006, students brought the team back with enthusiasm. Since then, the Flying Aggies have finished competitions ranked in the top 3 teams. They were invited to the national competitions in 2017, 2022 and 2023.

This year, the team will be traveling to Colorado Springs, Colorado where the US Air Force Academy is hosting the competition this year. The pilots are proud to be bringing along the University’s C-172 Skyhawk aircraft to the competition. Utah State University was awarded the use of the aircraft through Textron’s Top Hawk program in 2023, and has plans to purchase the Cessna for continued use in future competitions and events. All USU students and alumni, especially former flight team members, are invited to support the collegiate Flight Team.

Donations to the Flying Aggies can be made at the USU College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences donation website. Donations are used to cover essential expenses such as transportation, lodging and food when the team is participating in national competitions. They also help fund valuable training time for the flight team members.

Please visit for more information about the NIFA organization.

Flying Aggie Team

Flying Aggie team members: Jared Barrus (Flight Coach), Ryan Bott (former member), Richard Rose (team member), Brandon Nelson (Team Captain)


Andreas “Baron” Wesemann

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