By Chase Anderson | October 4, 2021
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Outdoor History Summit Roundup

By Chase Anderson | October 4, 2021

outdoor history summit

The Outdoor Recreation Archive (USU Special Collections & Archives) and Range partnered to host the first ever Outdoor History Summit on September 15, 2021.

The Summit was a first of its kind, bringing together outdoor researchers, corporate archivists, designers, and enthusiasts, to discuss the state of outdoor history, the importance of preservation, and the future of archival work.

In addition to various panel discussions, the Outdoor Recreation Archive announced the donation and creation of the Bill and Marilyn Moss Collection as well as the creation of the Outdoor Recreation Archive Research Fellowship.

Keynote: Ed Ovalle: Archivist - Walt Disney Archives

Walt Disney Archivist, Ed Ovalle, was the keynote for the Summit and outlined how and why The Walt Disney Company established an archive, how their collections are used day to day, and the value of collections to a brand's heritage.

Research Panel: Dr. Rachel Gross, Dr. Phoebe Young, Sarah Pickman, Jesse Ritner

Dr. Rachel Gross (University of Colorado - Denver) led a discussion with various historians focused on the history of the outdoor industry including Dr. Phoebe Young (University of Colorado - Boulder), and doctoral candidates Sarah Pickman (Yale), and Jesse Ritner (University of Texas) about the importance of archival collections to historians. The panel discussed the value of the work they do telling larger stories about the people, products, and brands of the outdoor industry within a broader context.

Digital Curator Panel: Jeanine Pesce, Jordan Page, Michelle Siman, Daniel Eaton

Range Founder, Jeanine Pesce, moderated a discussion between a new wave of archivists, or digital curators, including Jordan Page (@veryadvanced) Michelle Siman (@itslemonwater), and Daniel Eaton (@wayoutcache) to discuss their role in bringing archival materials to new audiences using new media.

Archivist Panel: Clint Pumphrey, Tracey Panek, Dave Moore, Hilary McLeod

Head of Special Collections, Clint Pumphrey, led a conversation between corporate archivists, Travey Panek (Levi Strauss Co.), Dave Moore (Carhartt), and Hilary McLeod (Patagonia), about the role and responsiblity of corporate archivists and historians within brands, the power of archives, and the return on investment for creating and maintaining archival collections.

Watch the presentations on YouTube or listen on the Highlander Podcast.


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