By Peiru Chen | May 3, 2023

USU and NCHU Rekindle Academic Bonds After Three-Year Hiatus

By Peiru Chen | May 2, 2023


Following a three-year pause attributed to COVID-19, Utah State University (USU) and National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) in Taiwan have rejuvenated their long-standing academic partnership. Marking a significant stride since the 2018 landmark visit by 15 USU faculty members, this year saw a robust group of 10 faculty and 10 students from USU grace the campuses of NCHU and several other Taiwanese locations.

During the visit, faculty members from both universities shared insights, experiences, and aspirations. A notable interaction involved the incoming NCHU President, Dr. Fuh-Jyh Jan, who conveyed a fervent desire to solidify and expand the bonds between the two esteemed institutions. The USU team had the opportunity to tour a spectrum of departments, with focal points ranging from Veterinary Medicine to the College of Engineering. Particular emphasis was placed on potential collaborations in sectors such as aviation, veterinary exchanges, and the evolving dynamics of cocoa farming and the food industry.

Highlighting USU's cutting-edge programs, Chief Pilot Aaron Dyches was welcomed to spotlight the university's state-of-the-art Aviation Technology and Flight Operations at the NCHU College of Engineering. This was not just a ceremonial visit; real connections were forged, leading to promising collaborations. One such initiative is the envisioned Machine Learning Curriculum Exchange. This synergy between USU's prowess in Climate Science and Applied Economics and NCHU's Department of Applied Mathematics aims to craft a curriculum that balances AI expertise from NCHU with USU's focus on data analytics and pragmatic problem-solving. By meshing these academic strengths, students will be primed with AI proficiency, responding to the burgeoning demand for AI specialists in contemporary industries.


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Peiru Chen
Language Learning Coordinator - Mandarin