Student Spotlight: River McKay

Chase Anderson

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River McKay
River McKay accepts a full-time role with Backcountry in Park City, Utah

Utah companies continue to recognize the value that Outdoor Product Design and Development (OPDD) students can offer, even prior to graduation. OPDD Student River McKay received an offer from Backcountry, an outdoor gear company, to stay on full-time while she completes her senior year at Utah State University.

Prior to receiving the job offer, McKay developed a strong network from her previous internship experiences. When a position opened at Backcountry, she followed up with her contacts, people who already knew her skills and work ethic to help secure the job.

Even though the position called for 3-5 years of experience, McKay’s prior internship experience and skills developed through OPDD gave her an edge over the other candidates.

“The OPDD program gave me this leading edge above others with experience. They teach how to network which got my foot in the door to begin with,” McKay said. “After this, I was able to discuss the things I learned in the program and how I could help their team as an asset. Without OPDD I would’ve been down the list waiting 3 years to gain the experience to qualify.”

McKay is working as a technical apparel designer at Backcountry and will graduate with her degree in Outdoor Product Design and Development in 2020.