Shoe 101

Chase Anderson

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footwear designs by doug hintze
Footwear designs by Doug Hintze

Dave Dolph of Oboz Footwear returned to USU’s Logan campus to share his experience and knowledge about footwear with the OPDD program, this time hosting a smaller workshop called “Shoe 101”. The workshop of about 10 students spent close to 4 hours discussing in depth footwear as a product and the opportunities for students.

Over the course of the workshop, Dolph spoke to the anatomy of footwear as well as construction, footwear supply chains, and  footwear from a high-level industry perspective.

Focused workshops and courses like this provide students  in the OPDD program  unique opportunities to dive deeper into a discipline and truly gain an advantage when going on to look for full-time work. OPDD provides one of very few opportunities for students to learn about footwear design, which is an interesting product to create and requires a unique skillset.

It’s through workshops and courses taught by industry professionals like Dolph that students in the OPDD program are setting themselves apart and preparing for real-world positions in a dynamic industry.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.