By CJ Dvorak | November 29, 2023
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Sigma Alpha: Cultivating Leadership and Community in Agriculture at USU’s Newest Sorority 

By CJ Dvorak | November 29, 2023

sigma alpha

LOGAN, UT – The agricultural sorority, Sigma Alpha, has finally made its way into Utah, with a chapter being founded at Utah State University this last year.

Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that focuses on scholarship, leadership, service, and promoting fellowship among its members.

The sorority was started at The Ohio State University in 1978 and now is a national organization with over 80 chapters across the country.

USU recently had a chapter founded, which presents many opportunities for students in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, as well as the College of Natural Resources.

Sigma Alpha is considered a professional sorority, which means they focus more on leadership, community, and philanthropy than a typical sorority.

Clara Price, a sophomore studying Agricultural Education, is one of the founding members and has loved her experience so far.

“It’s really about bringing us together in the College of Ag,” she said. “And the opportunities that it presents us have been amazing.”

Zoey Olaveson, a sophomore studying Ag Business, is currently serving as the president. She loves everything the sorority has to offer.

“As we become more involved, there are more internships and scholarships available on the national level, that are particularly useful for those of us in these ag majors,” she said.

Olaveson also said being involved with this organization looks good on a resume as well. She said employers look at things you did and those service projects that you were involved in, not always what grades you got.

Price said she was glad she joined even though at first she was hesitant. “It wasn’t too much like I thought it was going to be. The opportunities are so amazing, I’m very glad I joined,” she said.

Any student can join the sorority, but there are some minimum requirements. A minimum GPA of 2.75, an interest in agriculture, natural resources, or related topics, and willingness to participate.

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Website: Sigma Alpha Club Page