History of Gear Series: The Yak Works & Rivendell Mountain Works

Chase Anderson

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Rivendell pack being sewn by hand
Rivendell packs are still handmade in Washington by Eric Hardee

Don Wittenberger (founder of the Yak Works and owner of Rivendell Mountain Works) and Eric Hardee (pack maker, Rivendell Mountain Works) share their insights on the latest History of Gear Series about soft pack design and development and the influence of the Yak Works and Rivendell on the industry.

Wittenberger and Hardee, two pack pioneers share why they still make packs, why products, and what these two brands mean to them and what legacy they leave to the broader industry.

Listen to the whole interview with Wittenberger and Hardee on the Highlander Podcast below!

Correction: Wittenberger misspoke on the podcast and said the original name of the Yak Works was Wilderness Experience when he meant to say, Wilderness Outfitters.