Outdoor Product Degrees

Outdoor Product Design & Development

Undergraduate Degrees

Design Emphasis

This emphasis focuses on learning the design process, how to conduct design, product, and user research, product ideation as well as learning design tools, technologies, and techniques to allow students to visualize their products on paper, digitally, and...

Development Emphasis

This emphasis focuses on project management, negotiations, lean continuous improvement, global supply chain management, sourcing, sales, and operations. Students will collaborate with designers to transform concepts and designs into reality.

Outdoor Product Design and Development (BS)

A degree in Outdoor Product Design & Development (OPDD) from Utah State University is the first step to a high skill, high wage, high demand career opportunity in product design, development, or management. The OPDD program prepares students for an exciti...

Project Line Management Emphasis

This emphasis focuses on team management and leadership, market research and consumer behavior, creating product lines plans and design briefs, understand cost, scheduling and ho to bring product to market.