Plants, Soils & Climate

Do you love nature? If you love nature, then why not take your college education and future career to the outdoors. You could study how to create beautiful and functional landscapes, evaluate soils, or how to grow better crops from plant and animal genetics. Working with nature can also mean running a greenhouse, discovering ways to treat diseases, or managing land for plants, animals, and people.

There are countless possibilities in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.  At Utah State we’ve been teaching and exploring this field since the university began in 1888. You will have valuable hands-on experiences in the field, on the farm, and in the laboratory. Pursue what you love, and we can help make it your profession. 

Welcome to the Aggie family. We’re happy to have you!

Josh Martin

Josh Martin

Land, Plant, and Climate Systems

I want to teach people how to farm. I would like to teach people how to do exactly what we're doing, basically take any crop and grow it better, in whatever way that they need.”

Why Plants and Climate?

Your Instructors

Our faculty pride themselves on understanding your personal and scholarly ambitions and then helping you reach those goals. From research opportunities to one-on-one mentorship, your professors work to help you succeed.

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Research is an essential part of most Plants, Soils & Climate programs. There are a lot of research opportunities regarding plants and climate, ranging from the control of weeds in crops to adaptations in our changing climate.

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Plants, Soils and Climate News

Rachel Broadbent Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Utah State University instructor Rachel Broadbent has been promoted from lecturer to senior lecturer. Broadbent is a faculty member at USU Salt Lake Center, working in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

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