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iPACE — International Partnerships in Agriculture, Climate & Environment — is a vibrant gateway that opens doors to global collaboration. Our exchange programs, in partnership with esteemed Taiwanese universities, are not just educational ventures but transformative experiences. They are crafted to deepen your understanding of vital scientific principles and to hone skills that are crucial in the modern economy. Immerse yourself in a diverse learning environment, where customs and cultures become your classroom, and broaden your cultural intelligence in meaningful ways.

Our programs offer a unique opportunity to enhance your academic journey and personal growth. Engage in enriching dialogues, work shoulder-to-shoulder with pioneering professors on cutting-edge projects, and weave a network that spans continents. Through these collaborations, expand your horizons and lay the groundwork for a future as a global thought leader.

The vision for such an enriching partnership has been realized through the generous support of Don and Ming Wang, whose contributions to USU’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences have been foundational. Our mission is to honor this generosity by fostering leadership, championing a shared vision, and nurturing the collaborative spirit. With esteemed institutions like National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) and National Central University (NCU) joining hands with USU, we are setting the stage for student achievements that resonate long after the program ends and for mentorships that leave a lasting legacy. 

iPACE Origins

This USU partnership with Taiwan originated with efforts in 2011 by retired banking executive and USU alumni, Don J. Wang (second to the left) who later partnered with USU Professor Shi-Yu “Simon” Wang (middle) in 2014. Together they began the long road to establishing academic connections between USU and institutions in Taiwan. Don and his wife, Ming, of Houston, TX, contributed funding to support iPACE through their charitable E&M Foundation.

In May 2015, Simon, Don and Ming were accompanied by USU College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Dean Kenneth White and Ag Econ Department Head Dillon Feuz on a week-long trip to Taiwan. They visited National Taiwan University, National Central University (Simon’s alma mater) and National Chung Hsing University (Don’s alma mater). Subsequent visits included a March 2018 visit by 15 USU faculty to establish research and teaching collaborations with faculty at Taiwanese institutions as well as to coordinate student exchanges.

Ipace Group

iPACE Goals

To solve many of today’s challenges that pose a threat to sustainable societal development (e.g., globalization in food production and markets, exploitation of natural resources, and response to climate change) requires the decisions based in knowledge from many scientific disciplines and across international boundaries.  iPACE promises to be an innovative forum of education, research, and professional development for USU and NCHU (and NCU) in the fields of agriculture, climate and environment.  It is a catalyst for training new generations of scientists and professionals in interdisciplinary approaches. The center also brings added value and leverage for research and education programs at both institutions. iPACE supports towards two main goals: (1) Student exchanges including shared courses, degree programs, and lab internships (2) Mutually beneficial and research collaborations.

International Stool

Dual USU-NCHU Degree

Interested in studying abroad? National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) and Utah State University (USU) have a dual degree program for you. Participate in a bi-national graduate experience and other research opportunities by spending at least 1 year at the partner institution, working with faculty who also serve on the student's committee.

dual degree

Apply for the Graduate Dual Degree Exchange at Utah State University (for NCHU students) or the Graduate Dual Degree Exchange at NCHU (for USU students) in order to start your dual degree graduate experience. Questions? Email Simon Wang at simon.wang@usu.edu or the Study Abroad office at studyabroad@usu.edu

iPACE News

The Luncheon of the USU Taiwanese Alumni Association

On May 20th, a touch of nostalgia blended with anticipation resonated in Taichung as Utah State University (USU) faculty reconnected with Aggie alumni spanning five decades, based across Taiwan. This remarkable gathering not only celebrated the rich histo...

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S-Y Simon  Wang

S-Y Simon Wang

Professor, Climate Dynamics

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