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Dean's Leadership Council of the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

2019-2020 Deam

The Dean's Leadership Council is comprised of two groups: CAAS Ambassadors, and the CAAS Council. Each has distinct responsibilities.

CAAS Ambassadors

Our CAAS Ambassadors are a select group of College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences students who help represent the college to prospective students, current students and the community.

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors participate in recruitment events such as high school visits and both on-campus and off-campus recruitment events. In addition to their main responsibilities as recruiters, ambassadors help with other college events such as the graduation reception, the college's Awards and Honors Banquet, CAAS Week, the Utah Agricultural Products BBQ, Aggie Care Day, and the FFA/FCCLA conferences.

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2019-2020 CAAS Ambassadors
2019-2020 Ambassadors

Makenna Osborne

Becky Visser

Connor RossConnor Ross

Makenna OsborneGarrett Brogan

Makenna OsborneHayden Erickson

Makenna OsborneHelen Lea

Jacob MajorJacob Major

Makenna OsborneJenna Stoker

Makenna OsborneKasey Battson

Keenan PrescottKeenan Prescott

Makenna OsborneMadeline Peterson

Makenna OsborneMady Beutler

Makenna OsborneMakenna Osborne

Makenna OsborneMason Tuttle

Makenna OsborneNathan Urie

Makenna Osborne

Osvaldo Gonzalez

Makenna OsborneSam Arkoudas

Makenna OsborneSarah Bayles

Makenna OsborneTia Archibald


CAAS Council

The CAAS Council is an organization actively involved in improving the quality of life for the over 2400 students in the college.  The council is comprised of an elected senator as well as appointed leaders and elected club leaders.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with the council, contact the CAAS Senator.

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2019-2020 CAAS Council Members

2019-2020 Council



Sakia Brost

CAAS Senator

Contact: Office: TSC 327

Office Hours:

AustinAustin Flitton

SakiaDalton Sorensen

MalindaMalinda Olsen

SakiaMariah Spencer

SakiaNicholas LeSchofs

SakiaShelby Morse