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About Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity emphasis within our technology systems major provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become cybersecurity professionals. With computers, networks, and technical systems becoming increasingly prevalent throughout society, the demand for experts who can secure them has never been greater.

Our program builds upon information technology skills gained from certificates earned at Utah technical colleges or elsewhere, opening endless opportunities for graduates in a wide variety of industries. Join us at Utah State University and become a cybersecurity expert equipped to make a meaningful impact in the field and tackle the challenges of today's digital landscape.

In less than 30 seconds you can request information about Cybersecurity at USU!


Career Opportunities

Opportunities for cybersecurity professionals are not limited to just “technology” companies since computer technologies are key across industries and organizations from healthcare to education to retail and beyond. Typical entry level salaries in Utah for a security analyst average around $65,000 annually, while experienced practitioners can make more than twice that. Other related career paths include security engineers, penetration testers, and security auditors.

What You Will Learn

In addition to general organizational and professional skills required to excel in any technical career, cybersecurity students will pursue in-depth knowledge in key cybersecurity disciplines including server hardening, network monitoring and defense, digital forensics, and penetration testing. With these skills, students will be equipped to begin their journeys into this rapidly evolving field. Even more importantly, graduates will have the foundational knowledge needed to continue updating their skillsets as cyber threats evolve.

What Our Students are Saying

Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon

Technology Systems: Cybersecurity Student

"Growing up I always knew that I wanted to have a career in STEM, especially because of the under-represented geographic of women in the industry. I chose the Cybersecurity emphasis because of my love for the technology industry, and the ability to constantly be learning throughout my career. Something that I have really loved about this program is the accessibility of the professors and their willingness to help other students learn as much as they can. I can tell that each professor has a passion for what they do and for the topics they teach."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have the approved Utah Technical College 900+ hour certificate/30 credit program or USU Certificate of Completion to do this program? 

Completing an Information and Computer Technology certificate at one of the tech colleges is very beneficial. However, if you don’t you can complete some specific technical elective courses that will give you a foundation for the upper-division classes later.

What kind of experience do I need in networking to be in the program? 

It is recommended to have a Network+ certification.

What math do I need to take?

You can complete any math course that has the Quantitative Literacy designation to fulfill our math requirement. Learn more about Math and ALEKS.