Stackable Degrees

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Our stackable degrees make education efficient. Earn certificates that seamlessly apply towards an Associate degree, and pave the way for a Bachelor's. Save time and money as you advance your career. Stack your success – unlock a rewarding career – empower your future.

Stackable Degrees


Start with a Certificate

Start with a certificate at one of USU's Southeast campuses or your local Utah Technical College

Use Your Certificate

Use your certificate to “stack” towards an associate degree

Use Your Associate Degree

Use your associate degree to “stack” towards a bachelor's degree

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Associate Degrees

Automotive Technology (AAS)

Two-year automotive technology degree. Students will gain skills such as: using manual and information systems, precision measurement, tires and wheels, bearings, headlamp adjustment, oils and fluids, cleaning methods, gaskets and more.

Business (AB)

This 65-hour (four full-time semesters) degree is designed for students interested in completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, Marketing, or Finance at the university level. Students first complete the Associate of Science Degree at USU East...

Cosmetology (AAS) (CC)

During this program, students gain experience in cosmetology, barbering, nails and skincare. Students also prepare a portfolio that they can use as they interview for employment. All graduates are prepared to work in a full service salon.

General Technology (AAS)

There are four emphasis options for students. These options include General Business, Design and Creative Arts, Technology Systems, and Allied Health Systems.

Medical Lab Technician (AAS)

This degree exposes students to the professional and technical responsibilities of the medical laboratory technician. All aspects of the profession are covered so that students can prepare to become entry-level MLTs.

Small Business Operations (AAS)

Examines the many aspects of establishing and/or managing a small business. Students learn human resource management, ethics, business communications, financial management and managing the growth and expansion.

Surgical Technology (AAS)

Surgical technologists assist in operations under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses and other surgical personnel. During surgery, the surgical technologist provides the needs of the surgeon for any given surgical procedure.

Welding Technology (AAS)

Intended for students who wish to finish their education in two years and then pursue employment in the welding industry. Students obtaining the AAS degree in welding must complete 46 credits of welding courses plus a minimum of 18 hours of general ed.

Bachelor's Degrees

Technology Systems

The Bachelor's Degree in Technology Systems is an innovative and industry-driven program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Developed in collaboration with industry profe...

Agribusiness (BS)

Agribusiness is an important field because ag-related industry, from farming and livestock to food production and human nutrition, encompasses a significant portion of careers worldwide.

Agricultural Systems Technology (BS)

The program combines an understanding of agricultural, biological, and physical sciences with technical and business managerial skills. Graduates may pursue numerous agricultural careers, such as working for an agricultural equipment corporation, managin...

Business Education (BS)

Business Education combines the fundamentals of business with skill in teaching those principles to Junior High and High School students. You will study topics such as accounting, management, business, web design, image and video editing. Through student ...

Outdoor Product Design and Development (BS)

A degree in Outdoor Product Design & Development (OPDD) from Utah State University is the first step to a high skill, high wage, high demand career opportunity in product design, development, or management. The OPDD program prepares students for an exciti...

Technology and Engineering Education (BS)

The degree in technology and engineering education prepares students to teach technology, engineering, or vocational subjects in middle schools, high school, or trade and technology education centers. The program provides hands-on learning opportunities f...

Why Stackable Degrees?

What students are saying


Brennan Mecham

“I’d never heard of a stackable program before. I always thought that when getting an associate’s degree, or any degree for that matter, that you needed to take classes specific to that degree. I never knew you could combine a technical certificate to work toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. I think it’s really beneficial to be able to do that, not only to progress in your degree, but to also feel like your past experience and education is worth something. Some degrees are so rigid and unforgiving when it comes to including credits from other institutions, but this degree is very flexible and appeals to your individual situation really well.”
Sydney Maybey

Sydney Mabey

“I'm very much a goal-oriented person. I need a clear path forward. The stackable certificates and degrees really open up a lot of options. I think a lot of people view technical and trade schools as lesser than universities, which I definitely wouldn’t agree with. If you want to get specialized, narrowed-down skills without having to take a bunch of general classes, I think it's a great option. I loved Bridgerland Technical College for certain aspects and USU for other aspects. With the technical school, I got a lot of practical applications. It was a good foundation for when I did come to USU, where a lot of my studies have been more conceptual."
Cart Tilt

Cart Tilt

“Stacking my certificates from Bridgerland Technical College did save me time and money. I was initially drawn towards a degree in technology systems because I wanted to learn more about technology. I felt pretty helpless when it came to anything tech-related and wanted to change that. Once I learned about cybersecurity and how you can learn how to hack and how to defend yourself from other hacks I knew it was for