Utah Agricultural Experiment Station

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The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (UAES) is part of a network of researchers and facilities at the nation’s land-grant universities and is committed to improving agriculture and natural resources for the people of Utah. Experiment station research provides the science-based information used by Extension specialists and agents to assist people in every state in the nation. At research facilities on the Utah State University campus and throughout the state, the UAES supports hundreds of research projects. It operates labs that test soils, plant tissue, irrigation water, and livestock feed. It supports research on food safety and processing, plant and animal genetics, and economic and social forces that shape families and communities. UAES brings agriculture into harmony with sustainable use of natural resources.

Mission Statement

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station generates knowledge and new technology for improving the diverse system of agriculture and natural resources that feed, clothe, house, and enhance the environment for Utah's citizens.

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Utah Forest Institute

Wildfires were once an important driver of ecosystem health in western U.S forests, but decades of fire suppression, natural and human-caused disturbances and environmental change have combined to create conditions that favor wildfires

Assessing Post-fire Reseeding Efforts in Box Elder County

Wildfires on public rangeland have altered the plant communities on which wildlife and grazing animals feed. Annual grasses top the list of invaders that thrive shortly after a fire including non-native cheatgrass that crowds out native grasses and other ...