By Stan L Albrecht

Research on Capitol Hill

Each year, students from throughout Utah gather at the State Capitol to share a year's worth of hard work and discovery with their peers, and the entire state of Utah. These students truly represent the finest minds in Utah.

Their interests are diverse, yet each of their projects contributes to our collective body of knowledge and our ability to address real-life issues.

The findings of these projects will be far-reaching. Some of them will be published in academic journals, while others will be presented at research conferences throughout the country. Many of them will be used to solve problems by guiding action on community and state issues.

At the same time, these students have been well-primed to achieve even greater intellectual, practical, and personal accomplishments in the future. By honoring their inquisitive instincts and scientific skills, they will be prepared to make significant contributions to Utah's economy and intellectual capital.

- Stan L. Albrecht, PhD - President, Utah State University