Panguitch Research Farm

Established in 2001


The Panguitch Research Farm is home to a few Utah Prairie Dogs, which are a threatened species, as well as a lot of other wildlife, including mule deer, red fox, geese, ducks, doves, raccoons, skunks and various other rodents, raptors and song birds.

Research Topics

The land at the Panguitch Research Farm is primarily leased by the USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Laboratory, based on USU’s Logan campus. The researchers take advantage of the location’s cold, dry climate which works well for testing winter hardiness of pasture grasses and have developed winter hardy orchard and tall fescue grass specimens. The farm has ¼ mile of the Sevier River running through it, and since 2001 USU Extension has had an ongoing riparian restoration demonstration project. Most recently, the Panguitch Farm became the site of a Pasture Management Demonstration which implements best management practices for grazing, irrigation, pasture growth and livestock watering.

Farm Manager