UAES Labs and Centers

Center for Integrated Biosystems

A multifaceted core facility at USU, the CIB is dedicated to agricultural and environmental biotechnology research. The Center's scientists and staff work together to further our core components: Research

Intermountain Herbarium

The Herbarium welcomes all users and will assist in any botanical needs associated with education, research, extension, and other activities. The Herbarium will be fully databased with all specimens imaged and all data available online.

USU Analytical Laboratories

The Utah State University Analytical Laboratories (USUAL) provides testing and analysis services for soil, animal feed, manure, plant tissue, and irrigation/livestock water.

USU Botanical Center

Utah State University Botanical Center guides the conservation and wise use of plant, water, and energy resources through research-based educational experiences, demonstrations, and technology.

Utah Climate Center

Our Mission is to facilitate access to climate data and information, and to use expertise in atmospheric science, to interpret climate information in an accurate and innovative fashion for the public.

Utah Crop Improvement Association

Utah Crop Improvement Association administers the Certified Seed program for Utah. Superior crop varieties are essential to the maintenance of the world food supply and reclamation efforts on range and wildlands disturbed by natural and human caused event...

Western Dairy Center

The Western Dairy Center is a network of universities, researchers and students. Our focus is on the use of learning and discovery to provide a sound knowledge of dairy technology and its application in the food industry.

USU-affiliated USDA Labs

Bee Biology and Systematics Lab

The mission of the Pollinating Insect-Biology, Management, Systematics Research unit is the development of non-Apis bees and enhancement of the role of native species in the pollination of annual, perennial, greenhouse, and nursery crops while maintaining...

Poisonous Plant Research Lab

The mission of the Poisonous Plant Research laboratory is to investigate poisonous plants and their toxins, determine how the plants poison animals, develop diagnostic and prognostic procedures, identify the conditions under which poisoning occurs.

USDA Forage and Range Research Laboratory

The Forage and Range Research Laboratory is recognized as the international center of excellence for integrated research in breeding, genomics, and ecological applications of perennial plants for dry temperate environments.