Western Dairy Center

Western Dairy Center logoThe Western Dairy Center is a network of universities, researchers and students. Our focus is on the use of learning and discovery to provide a sound knowledge of dairy technology and its application in the food industry. As a regional center for studies in dairy food science and technology, the foundation for the success of the WDC is this network of professors with expertise that allows them to supervise student research relevant to dairy foods. The WDC priority is on the education of students and facilitation of their potential careers in the dairy manufacturing industry. This is achieved through sponsoring of student research activities by the dairy industry and dairy farmer organizations at the graduate and undergraduate levels with the aim of building university-industry linkages through learning and discovery with the dairy industry (BUILD Dairy). Contract research can also be performed within the WDC through long-term contract in areas of WDC specialization.

The most important aspect of our center is our students who graduate and are contributing to technology innovations through employment in the dairy food industry in the western United States.


Fostering the growth of the dairy food industry through science, technology, research, collaboration, education, leadership, and innovation.

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