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What is the BUILD Dairy Program?

BUILD Dairy is a network of professors, researchers, students and dairy food industry companies and organizations in the western region. The goal is to build university and industry linkages through learning and discovery. These linkages will encourage the increased value of dairy products manufactured in the region by building a broader network of technically trained, knowledgeable professionals and leaders that will foster the growth of the dairy food industry through innovation and discovery.

The Western Dairy Center houses the Build Dairy program which connects many universities in the Western United States
A Master's Program

Through the Western Dairy Center, BUILD Dairy convenes university and faculty expertise from across the western country to do research on priority projects as identified by regional dairy companies.

Dr. Don McMahon (BUILD Dairy director 1993-2001, 2007-2021) said about the BUILD Dairy program:

"The thing about BUILD Dairy that I’m proud about is its focus on students. It funds student research at Utah State and within the region. Currently, one-to-two million dollars of external funding come into the program every year, which means new food science faculty members have support for their research programs that attract students, develop students’ knowledge and skills, and broaden our graduates’ career opportunities."

A roadmap that represents how funding comes from dairy farmers, industry, and universities to support the WDC and BUILD Dairy program
Student Financial Support

Students may be eligible for funding based on their choice of research project, and if financial support is still available for the year. Not only is your research and tuition covered, you also could be eligible to receive a stipend of $25,000 per year to cover your living expenses. With BUILD Dairy’s help, you might be able to graduate debt-free!


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