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Schedule an Advising Appointment

How do I Schedule?

1 - Select your department below.

2 - Select your area of study.

3 - Select date/time and an advisor to schedule with.

ADVS Academic Advising

Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Major | Emphasis Areas

Peer Advisor

Tawney Barfus
To schedule call 435-797-2282 

Graduate Study Coordinator

For graduate degrees contactLee Rickords

LAEP Academic Advising

Peer Advisor

Sarah Tooley
To schedule call 435-797-2282 

Graduate Degrees

For graduate degrees contact Keith Christensen

NDFS Academic Advising

Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences Major | Emphasis Areas


Peer Advisor

Jenna Stoker
To schedule call 435-797-2282 or email Jenna directly.

Graduate Study Coordinator

For graduate degrees contact Tara Johnson

Graduate Study Coordinator

Please visit this link to inquire about the Utah State University School of Veterinary Medicine Request VetMed Info


Who do I schedule an appointment with?

Depending on where you are at in your academic journey, we have an advisor who can help. Select an advisor type below to determine what type of advising appointment you will need.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor to help them reach their educational goals. Your advisor is based on your current major. Meet with your advisor once a semester to assist you on your path at USU.

Select your major below (listed by department) to begin scheduling. You can make the most of your appointment with preparation outlined in this guide.

Peer advisors answer questions about what life as a student is like in a given major, or what coursework and professors may be like before you commit to a degree. Don't hesitate to reach out to these peer advisors and schedule an appointment with them.

Schedule with a peer advisor by selecting a department below where you may contact a peer advisor directly.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master's or Doctorate degree, begin with a graduate study coordinator.

Organize a visit with a graduate study coordinator by selecting a department below and contacting them directly.

First Generation Aggie?

Are you a first generation USU student? If so, schedule an appointment as an Aggie First Scholar. Click here to schedule.