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Reproduction & Development

Research performed by faculty in the ADVS Reproduction & Development section focuses on understanding the biological and physiological processes necessary for successful conception, pregnancy, and healthy offspring, as well as on identifying environmental factors that influence reproductive success. Using various animal species, we study gamete and embryo development, pregnancy characteristics, and offspring health with the overarching shared goal to ensure and improve reproductive success and health across species and generations.

Current fields of research areas include:

  • Epigenetic processes in developing embryos relevant for improved cloning of agricultural species
  • Immunological factors involved in successful implantation and sustained pregnancy
  • Generation of genetically engineered animal models of human disease (laboratory & large animal species)
  • Effects of nutrition quality prior and during pregnancy on offspring health and thriftiness
  • Effects of nutrition on genetic and epigenetic quality of gametes
  • Consequences of altered gamete quality for offspring health
  • The mechanistic connection between reproduction and healthy aging
  • Hormonal regulation of reproduction

Associated Faculty

Primary Contact

Mirella L. Meyer-Ficca

Mirella L. Meyer-Ficca

Associate Professor | Reproductive Biology and Toxicology, Environmental Exposures, Epigenetic Influence of Nutritional Environment

Center for Biotechnology 213