USU Aviation Flight Fees

Aviation Technology

In addition to regular tuition and fees, a fee will be assessed for flight courses, listed below. When a student enrolls in each flight course, the fee is due with tuition payment. Flight course fees are based on average costs of ratings, and include stage check and FAA check ride fees. All Fees are subject to change.

Fixed Wing Flight Course Fees

New Student Required for Graduation

CRN Title Price
AV 2350 Private Pilot Certification $14,560
AV 2450 Cross Country (AV2451 Challenge Cross Country*) $11,473
AV 2540 Instrument Rating $13,718
AV 2660 Advanced Maneuvers $12,718
AV 3410 Single-Engine Commercial Certification $13,005
AV 3740 Certified Flight Instructor $10,815
AV 3880 Multi-Engine Commercial Add-on $11,510
Total   $87,799
* Students who come to Utah State with a private pilot license can challenge out of AV 2330/2350. They will take AV 2451 ($12,798) making the fee total $74,564, beginning Spring 2023.

Elective Certifications

CRN Title Price
AV 3760 Certified Fight Instructor Instrument Certification $2,755
AV 4880 Multi-Engine Instructor Certification $4,405
AV 5300 Advanced Twin Systems $4,100

Rotorcraft Flight Course Fees

CRN Title R22 R44*
AV 2355 Private Pilot Helicopter Certification Stage 1 $17,565 $23,445
AV2365 Private Pilot Helicopter Certification Stage 2 $15,085 $19,887
AV 2665 Commercial Helicopter Certification Stage 1 $13,865 $18,625
AV 2545 Instrument Helicopter Rating $27,160 $27,160
AV 2675 Commercial Helicopter Certification Stage 2 $14,645 $19,307
AV 3735 Certified Flight Instructor Helicopter Certification $12,505 $16,187
AV 3835 Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter Certification $8,562 $8,562
Total   $109,387 $133,173

* The cost for flight training completed in the R44 helicopter. If students exceed the 230 lb weight limit, they will be required to fly the R44.

Financial Aid

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