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Learning to Live Your Best Life: Celebrating a Century of Family and Consumer Sciences Education

2019 marked the year that Utah State University has been preparing future secondary school teachers to teach important skills for daily living for 100 years. While the field has been around for more than a century, the ways in which skills are taught and the topics FCS covers have evolved to reflect the times. One change in USU’s program came in 2003, when its academic home, the College of Family Life, was disbanded and FCS education moved to the College of Agriculture. It is one of the degrees that put the “applied sciences” in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

In This Issue


Food Science Students Take Home $10,000 at Competition

Creating a winning “chicken” nugget for a competition focused on dairy-based foods is a challenge successfully conquered by students from Utah State University. A team of students in USU’s food science program took first place at the 2019 IMPA.


School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education is Divided and Growing

In an effort to better serve students in the largest department in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS), and to advance career and technical education programs, particularly in southeastern Utah.


James Thomas - 2019 Alumni Hall of Honor

Jim Thomas makes you simultaneously want to be a better person and feel bad about yourself. “I retired 18 years ago, but continue to work and represent Utah State University in various countries.”


The Last Word - Inclusion by Design

Most of the time people think disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities. In other words, disability is a condition that limits a person…. which is wrong.


Inspired and Inspiring: Helen Lower Simmons

Many students arrive at college uncertain about their education goals and career plans. Miss Helen Lower wasn’t one of them. “I decided in the seventh grade that I wanted to be a home economics teacher and my inspiration was Anna Lou Rees,” she said.

Amber NDFS

Alumni Paths from Nutrition to Medical Careers

Many alumni of Utah State University’s nutrition science program are pursuing medical careers and finding they stand out among the students competing for the limited number of slots available annually at medical and dental schools.


Aviation Program Takes Flight in Price, Utah

Utah State University pilots-in-training are once again flying over the desert landscape of the San Rafael Swell in southeastern Utah as the aviation program manages rapid growth. USU Eastern has smaller class sizes, less air traffic, and lower tuition.

More In This Issue


Figure it Out & Get it Done - Philip and Janice Lundell Scholarship

Eleven is an awkward age for most boys. For Phillip Lundell it was the age he lost his right arm and right lung in a hunting accident. He was close to death in a hospital for nearly a year; then came the hard part.


USU Toxicology Student Takes American Society for Nutrition Top Awards

a Utah State University toxicology doctoral candidate, shows that when it comes to developing some cancers, you are what you eat and so are your great-grandchildren.

Past Issue Articles

The Reindeer Express

Farming Mars

Bugbee is a professor of plant physiology and Seefeldt a professor of biochemistry at Utah State University and both are involved in NASA-funded research aimed at long-term space exploration on Mars.

Horse Show

Semi-Final Horse Show A Success

USU’s Western Equestrian Team has been a top competitor in the region for more than a decade. Until now, there hasn’t been a team in the region with the facilities or access to enough show-quality horses to host this caliber of event.

heart of campus

Making Rain Work at the Heart of Campus

The U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) announced that a group of students from Utah State University have won third place in the annual Campus RainWorks Challenge. The group competed against 39 other teams from across the nation.

Mastering Human and Anmial Health

Hemp Research Underway at Utah State University

Scientists at Utah State University are studying various growing practices to optimize the yield and quality of hemp for botanical medicines.

kaylee roholt

What is Your Why

USU’s Advisor of the Year, Kaylee Roholt, tells of helping students navigate college and how she discovered her own why.


Ride Utah: Veterans Taking the Reins

Utah State University Extension’s Ride Utah! program for military veterans is proving to be successful just 4 years since its creation. Veterans and their families learn how to work with horses and often benefit from the therapeutic effects of being in the saddle

rocket science

It Takes More Than Rocket Science

When Ray Wheeler arrived in Utah to do graduate work in plant ecology, he had a fascination with plants, a love of science and discovery, and no aspirations to be part of the U.S. space program. But that changed when he was introduced the NASA space research community at USU.


Hauling Your Food & Building Your Roads

According to the American Trucking Associations, companies currently need about 60,000 drivers, a number that could top 100,000 in just a few years.