Cultivate - Past Issue Articles

Creating Opportunities for Other Kids from Wyoming

Joe Crum is a paradox. A kid from a small Wyoming town who earned high school first-team all-conference honors in football, basketball, and track, but who doesn’t consider himself a “natural” athlete. The “little Crum” next to older brother Gary who playe...

Don McMahon: A Career at the Aggie Creamery

When Don McMahon and his wife sat down to make a list of pros and cons about leaving their home in Australia to move back to the United States, Aggie Ice Cream was the first bullet point on the “Pros” list.

New Equine Facility Under Construction

A 300% increase in students enrolled in a program in less than five years is extraordinary. But when that program is in equine and human science, the need for space to accommodate horses and humans is also extraordinary. To support students, faculty, and ...

Origin Story: Aggie Blue Mint

The Aggie Creamery participated in Day on the Quad during the first week of fall semester 2004, scooping free Aggie ice cream for students and, along with Whitney Wilkinson from USU Public Relations and Marketing, we organized a Design an Ice Cream compet...

Soils Judging Team Earns National Win

Something about a virtual national competition’s awards ceremony presented via Zoom feels a bit anti-climactic … until your team wins. Members of Utah State University’s soils judging team gathered in the Agricultural Sciences and Research Building soils ...

Now Serving: 100 Years of Aggie Ice Cream

Happy Birthday, Aggie Ice Cream! January 21, 2022, marks the centennial anniversary of the quintessential Aggie treat, and to honor this milestone, USU will celebrate all year with new and returning flavors and special events.

CAAS is Home to USU’s Top Advisors

Utah State University’s Advising Awards Committee announced the 2021 USU Advisor of the Year award recipients. Tami Spackman, advisor in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences (ADVS) was named Professional Advisor of the Year and Dawnetta Mahnken, advisor...

Professor A.A. Heravi Atrium Dedication

A space has been named to honor Professor A.A. Heravi, a pioneer of scientific farming in Iran. The atrium’s naming recognizes just one of the many generous gifts alumnus Mehdi Heravi has given across many programs and departments at Utah State University...

The Farmer’s Wife and Remarkable Life

At a time when a young woman’s future was largely shaped by her husband’s career, Flora Amussen might have wished to marry someone with obvious financial and social advantages or grand aspirations. She was, after all, accustomed to wealth and a comfortabl...

The Past and Present of Technical Education Without Limits

Teaching technical skills that prepare graduates for “industrial vocations” wasn’t just a good idea in 1862. A recent report on the country’s job growth and education requirements concluded that 30% of job openings require some college or an associate’s d...

USU/UofU Team Wins 2021 Utah Real Estate Challenge

Following many weeks of creative collaboration and countless hours of work in the design studio, three LAEP students and their two teammates at the University of Utah were recently named winners of the 2021 Utah Real Estate Challenge and claimed the conte...

Dairy Science to Publishing Success

Leon Leavitt didn't earn a degree in dairy science to launch a career in agricultural communication but his company, Progressing Publishing, now produces six magazines in multiple languages for readers in farming communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Aggies Win Smart Snacks Competition

It's snack time! USU students used their creativity, food science knowledge and a lot of work to win the Institute of Food Technologists Smart Snacks for Kids competition.

CAAS Responds to COVID-19

College of Agriculture Students and faculty quickly became more creative in the spring to finish the semester strong and continue with involvement in the fall semester.

Institute for Antiviral Research

Researchers at USU’s Institute for Antiviral Research have been at work since February testing antiviral compounds and licensed drugs for their effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Our Food System and the Impact of COVID-19

Utah State University’s Hunger Solutions Institute, and combined efforts of donors and volunteers, managed to pull off “miracles” to help struggling Utahns on both ends of the food supply chain.