Center for Human Nutrition Studies


650 East 1600 North (Grand Avenue) Drive, Logan, UT 84322-9815


Mike Lefevre


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The Center for Human Nutrition Studies at Utah State University provides the organizational structure and logistic support for research scientists with interests in conducting clinical studies with an emphasis on nutrition.  With its outstanding clinical facility, research kitchen, and supporting laboratory space, the CHNS is designed to serve as a resource to Utah State University researchers for gaining experience in conducting clinical studies and assisting in efforts to secure extramural research funding and industry contracts and partnerships.  The CHNS is directed by Dr. Michael Lefevre, an investigator with over 30 years of experience in the design and execution of clinical studies. Through close collaboration with the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences, the CHNS provides access to experienced community interventionists, research dietitians, clinic coordinators, laboratory research associates, and support staff on an as needed basis. The CHNS provides outstanding opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students to gain valuable experience in the conduct of clinical studies.

The Center for Human Nutrition Studies' dedicated space includes:

  • State-of-the-art research metabolic kitchen
  • Dining service area where up to 50 research participants consume research diets under supervision
  • Clinical space to conduct interviews, medical examinations and procedures
  • Laboratory space for phlebotomy, sample processing, specialty assays

The Center for Human Nutrition Studies values the disciplined methodologies required for reliable nutrition research and offers a wide range of support services.

    • Protocol Design- Experienced faculty and staff can assist in the design and implementation of your research protocol.
    • Supplement Protocols- Participants are instructed to consume nutritional products according to a defined dose and schedule.
    • Diet-Counseling Based Interventions- Dietitians instruct participants in how to achieve specific dietary goals.
    • Controlled-Feeding Based Interventions- All foods are prepared to specified nutrient targets and are provided to participants under supervised conditions.
    • Assessment of Dietary Intake- Trained dietitians assess habitual intake using food-frequency questionnaires, food-intake records, or 24-hr diet recalls.
    • Menu Development- Multi-day diet plans with supporting recipes are designed to meet specific macro- and micro-nutrient targets across multiple calorie levels.
    • Clinical Assessment of Health-Related Endpoints- A variety of assessments and assays are available through our own clinic and laboratories or through contracts with collaborators. Capabilities are also available for assay development.

Facilities supporting the clinical research trials of the Center for Human Nutrition Studies include adjacent clinics and a research kitchen located in the Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS) Building on the main campus.