Outdoor Product Design and Development

David Mydans / REI Tent Designer

David Mydans, a tent designer and first product designer for REI, talks about how his background in art prepared him to design tents, his product design influences, and the early days of designing in house product for REI.

Outdoor Retailer Winter 2023

OPDD made a strong showing at the 2023 Winter OR Show. The annual event brought together industry professionals, exhibitors, and outdoor enthusiasts to showcase the latest products and trends in outdoor gear and equipment.

Macady Smith Accepts Position at Ibex

Macady Smith, an Outdoor Product Design & Development student at Utah State University, has accepted a job as a Product Development Assistant at Ibex, a company that designs and produces high performance merino wool activewear. Smith is a member of the cl...

Paige Koch Accepts Position at Primo Golf

Paige Koch, a recent graduate of Utah State University's Outdoor Product Design & Development program, has accepted a position as a Product Line Manager & Designer at Primo Golf. Koch, a member of the class of 2022, previously interned at Under Armour and...

Dr. Rachel Gross

Dr. Rachel Gross, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado-Denver spoke at the Outdoor History Summit about their time in the Outdoor Recreation Archive and research on the history of big box and specialty retail in the outdoor industry. Dr. Gros...

Climbing Legend, Conrad Anker, Speaks at USU

Climbing legend Conrad Anker spoke at the Outdoor Recreation Archive Kamp Kit Exhibit opening at Utah State University. Anker talked about the history of the outdoor industry, the evolution of gear, and the challenges of a changing climate for product des...

History of Gear: Madden Equipment

Dan Madden, founder of Madden Equipment, and Mike Valvano, former President at Madden join the History of Gear to talk about how Madden stood out from other early pack companies and the rise, acquisition, sunsetting, and revival of the brand today.

Dominique Showers, VP of ReBird at Arc'teryx

Dominique Showers, VP of ReBird at Arc'teryx, speaks to students about the circularity program at the company, upcycling, and what the brand is doing to address sustainability issues in the past while building a roadmap to the future.

Dr. Sahra Kaboli-Nejad

Dr. Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at On Running talks with students about their individual power and responsibility to create more inclusive products, experiences, and teams as future leaders in the outdoor industry.

Students Participate in Nalgene Design Sprint

Representatives from Nalgene partnered with students from Outdoor Product Design & Development in a "Project Runway" style design challenge where students were tasked with tackling real design briefs from the brand.

Damon Morris on Product Management at The North Face

Damon Morris, formerly the Senior Development at Manager at The North Face (now VP Outdoor at K2) spoke to OPDD students about the role of a product manager in bringing product to market and how instrumental design, development, and management are to maki...

Repair and ReCommerce

Rugged Thread is a part of a growing movement of repair in the outdoor industry. Josie Kinney, Director of Business Development, talks about the future of repair, the financial and sustainability benefits to offering these services, as well as the growing...

David Gibson Talks Product Management at New Balance

New Balance Product Manager, David Gibson, spoke to OPDD students in their first year about his experience as a product manager as well as the distinct roles of a designer and developer and how all three work together to bring product to market.

MyMedic Design Sprint

MyMedic, a Utah-based medical company sponsored a Design Sprint with OPDD students to explore the future of first aid and recovery.

Maddie Anzovino Talks Sustainability in Product Creation

Maddie Anzovino, Fabric & Product Development Manager at Backcountry, spoke to OPDD students in the Intro to Product Creation course to talk about the importance of sustainability and the role of product designers, developers, and product managers in crea...

Outdoor History Summit Roundup

The Outdoor Recreation Archive (USU Special Collections & Archives) and Range partnered to host the first ever Outdoor History Summit on September 15, 2021.

Evie Moe / Former VP Design at Cotopaxi

Evie Moe, formerly the VP of Design at Cotopaxi, spoke to OPDD students on Instagram Live in 2020. Moe is now the Senior Director of Apparel at Hoka, but the discussion about how to be creative remains timeless and valuable.

Mushroom Moment: Lisa Dougherty

Lisa Dougherty, Content Director at Range, joins the podcast to talk about the growing popularity of mushrooms and their opportunity to change the world in addition to the consumer products industry.

History of Gear Series: Sarah Pickman, PhD Candidate

On this episode of the History of Gear Series, Sarah Pickman, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale and author of “Dress, Image, and Cultural Encounter in the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration” talks about colonialism in the outdoors and the history of polar gear and a...

History of Gear Series: Wilderness Experience

Greg and Jim Thomsen join the History of Gear Series to talk about their company, Wilderness Experience. We talk about their experience breaking into the industry, taking a company public and their experience in senior leadership at companies like VF Corp...

Carolyn Allen / Industrial Designer at Werx Design

Carolyn Allen, an industrial designer at Werx Design, shared insights into portfolio do's and don'ts with students in the OPDD program. Allen shares some of their favorite portfolios as well as tips for how to stand out as a designer when seeking a job.

Doug Heinrich / VP Product Development at Kuhl

Doug Heinrich, VP Product Development at Kuhl, joins the OPDD program to talk with students about what makes a great portfolio, the role of a designer in the industry, and his perspective on working for a privately held versus public outdoor company.

History of Gear Series: Marilyn Moss

Marilyn Moss, former CEO and President of Moss Tents joins the History of Gear Series to discuss her role building a responsible, successful company and the influence of famed tent designer and fabric artist, Bill Moss.

The Power of Inclusive Design With Lauren Guthrie

Lauren Guthrie, Vice President of Global Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action at VF Corporation, spoke to students in OPDD about the importance of identifying their values and the importance of inclusive design principles and practices.

History of Gear Series: Sally McCoy

Sally McCoy, industry legend and former senior leader at companies like The North Face, Sierra Designs, and Camelbak, joins the History of Gear Series to talk about her introduction to the outdoor industry, her non-profit work, and the evolution of the ou...

History of Gear Series: Tracey Cottingham

Tracey Cottingham, a Clothing Architect, joins the History of Gear Series to talk about technical apparel design and construction, her time with Nike and Columbia, and the importance of preserving the history of gear and apparel.

History of Gear Series: The North Face Archives

In the latest History of Gear Series, David Whetstone and Michaela Hardy from The North Face give a glimpse into the company archives. They share the value of preserving product, the importance of brand history and its impact on legacy, and how the collec...

Lisa Dougherty on Product in Virtual Spaces

Lisa Dougherty, Content Director at Range, shares her journey into the outdoor industry and her research into the growth of gaming and virtual spaces and what that means for the future of the sports and outdoor industries.

JJ Collier / From Athlete to Creative

JJ Collier, a professional snowboarder turned product designer, shares his journey into the outdoor industry and experience in design for brands like Salomon, Ralph Lauren, Spyder, VF Corporation, and his latest venture, Collier Brands.

The State of Outdoor Journalism with Amelia Arvesen

Amelia Arvesen, a freelance journalist and creative, shares her experience working in outdoor journalism, the importance of quality reporting, the joys and challenges of working freelance, and Honing Her Craft, her latest venture telling stories about cre...

Field Testing With Mountain Equipment Research Group

Chris El-Deiry, Owner of Mountain Equipment Research Group, shares his journey to a career in the outdoor industry, leading field testing at Black Diamond, and his new venture providing field testing services for brands across the industry.

John Sears Talks Pack Design at Gregory

John Sears, VP at Gregory Mountain Products, joined the Intro to Product Creation class to talk about his pathway into the outdoor industry through industrial design as well as the challenges and opportunities designing softgoods and packs.

History of Gear Series: Gore Archives

Kevin Brown, Heritage and Archives Manager from W.L. Gore & Associates, joins the History of Gear Series to talk about the importance of corporate collections, the origins of the Gore archive, and how collections are used by various departments at the com...

The Day to Day of Technical Apparel Design

Jocelyn Rice, a Senior Apparel Designer with experience at companies like Columbia, Nike, and Eddie Bauer, shares her day to day as a technical apparel designer, her work pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors, and her pathway into t...

History of Gear Series: National Parks Maps Archive

Brian Kelley, a NYC-based photographer joins the History of Gear Series to talk about his efforts to archive and share National Parks Service pamphlets. We talk about the importance of archival efforts, outdoor graphic design, and how he inspired the Outd...

History of Gear Series: SAND Pack Company

Chris Leiter joined the History of Gear Series to talk about SAND Pack Company, his creative endeavor to challenge what handmade product can be and help the history of gear live on through new product.

Scout Inspired Gear by Cantonment

Kyle Snarr, product enthusiast, marketer, and founder of Cantonment, shares his experience working for companies like Struck, Vox Media, Gear Patrol and Wachonista where he learned to tell stories about product to now building his own brand.

Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Cullum at Orvis

Natalie Cullum, an OPDD alum (Class of 2019) and Product Design at Orvis shared her experience transitioning from college life to working in industry, what her day to day looks like, and things she wished she would have known.