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NASA Researches Together With USU For Longer Sustainable Space Missions

March 5, 2017

Science Times

Utah State University has reported that two professors from the university will be working with NASA. USU professors Bruce Bugbee and Lance Seefeldt will become investigators on NASA's newly initiated 'CUBES' Space Technology Research Institute.


'It's a full-frontal attack': Utah companies, universities continue Zika research

October 31, 2016

Deseret News

Even as temperatures drop, researchers in Utah are continuing to race toward a treatment for Zika virus, the mosquito-borne illness that has caused birth defects in thousands of children in Latin America and infected hundreds of pregnant women in the U.S.

Climate Change

3 Questions with Bob Evans: State Climatologist talks Climate Change

October 2, 2016

Fox 13

There is convincing scientific proof the Earth is warming, and that issue has been a political football for some time. State Climatologist Robert Gillies recently sat down with Bob Evans to answer 3 Questions about the hot-topic of climate change.

Climate Change

USU Investigators Map Genomes of Three Historically Important Zika Strains

August 19, 2016

Utah State Today

A team of researchers at Utah State University has characterized the consensus genome sequences of three historically important Zika virus strains, an important step towards developing antiviral therapeutic and preventive strategies against Zika and related viruses.


USU professor's research may help cure blindness, paralysis

August 2, 2016

Herald Journal

Researchers in a multi-institution study think they’ve found a way to help axons connect to neurons in the central nervous system, uprooting conventional thought that damaged brains cells can never be restored and opening the door for a cure to blindness and paralysis, according to a Utah State University professor.