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Free-roaming Equids and Ecosystem Sustainability Summit

Delegates agreed to the common goal of “healthy herds on healthy rangelands.” Additionally, they shared a common frustration, the increased polarization of all interest groups that results in political and management gridlock of federally protected equids...

Utah Forest Institute

The Utah Forest Institute hired a full-time technician (Megan Nasto, Ph.D. University of Montana) to lead the expansion of the Utah Forest Institute into field work as well as to complete the fire atlas for Utah.

Big Box Burning

Efforts have focused on preparing to treat hazardous fuels with Big Box kilns this fall and winter. The first of three Big Box kilns is complete and ready, it measures 16’ long, 7.5‘ wide, and 6’ tall. We purchased a 16-foot deck-over aluminum trailer to ...

Center for Integrated Biosystems

A multifaceted core facility at USU, the CIB is dedicated to agricultural and environmental biotechnology research. The Center's scientists and staff work together to further our core components: Research